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"The police are the public and the public are the police..." - Sir Robert Peel, 1829

Madison Community Policing Foundation

The Madison Community Policing Foundation (MCPF) is a non-profit organization established in 2016 by a small group of retired Madison police officers. In our Articles of Incorporation we state:

“The MCPF corporation is organized exclusively as an organization for supporting the community policing mission of public police departments, with particular emphasis in supporting the community policing mission of the Madison Wisconsin Police Department, but limited to such activities permitted under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended.”

There are several private, non-profit organizations which exist to support the missions of public agencies. Locally, the Madison Parks Foundation, the Madison Public Library Foundation and the Foundation for Madison Public Schools are examples of private, non-profit organizations that exist to raise additional funds and revenue for these critically important public agencies.

With respect to public police departments, many communities across the United States have private, non-profit organizations, usually started by business leaders, which exist to support their respective police agencies. Locally, Capital K9s, Inc. and Madison Mounted, Inc. are examples of two private, non-profit organizations who provide financial assistance to the Madison Police Department’s K9 and Mounted Horse Patrol Units.

Click to download a copy of MCPF, Inc. IRS 501(c)(3) tax exempt certification letter.

Click to download a copy of MCPF 2019 IRS 990-EZ tax filing for tax exempt organizations.

Madison Community Policing Foundation seeks to accomplish three primary goals:


both financially and with volunteers any community policing activities or events which bring police officers, youth, adults and elderly together. MCPF will insist these events be created and organized by current, active police officers. Activity funding proposals will be submitted by public police departments and officer to MCPF on a monthly basis. MCPF Board of Directors will review and serve as the fiscal agent for approved community policing activities and events. While we will be working most closely with MPD Police Chief Mike Koval and his agency, we are set up and interested in supporting and assisting any public police department in the greater Madison or Dane County area with a community policing event.


those men and women police officers working in our communities today, and those who have served our communities in the past. Policing is a very honorable profession, and maintains a tradition rich history. The MCPF will raise funds to help support the Honor Guard Teams of local public police departments so we can continue to honor our officers and traditions into the future.


the relationship between local police and our communities. We know many efforts are taking place at present, and have taken place in the past, to build and grow the relationship between police and community. The MCPF believes we can be an organization to expedite and multiply these efforts in many different ways.

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