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"The police are the public and the public are the police..." - Sir Robert Peel, 1829


MCPF routinely receives requests for financial assistance from police officers working with local law enforcement agencies to support community policing activities. To date, most MCPF funding requests have been received from and approved for police officers from the City of Madison Police Department.

Examples of MCPF projects funded to date include:

  • Funding for purchase of a 20ft x 20ft inflatable movie screen for neighborhood movie nights organized by police officers assigned to neighborhoods.
  • Funding for numerous community picnics and dinners organized by police officers which bring police and community together.
  • Funding for MPD's 911 Explorer Post to support their July 2016 participation in a national completion held in Yuma, AZ. /li>
  • Funding for video equipment to enhance MPD's ability to capture and share community engagement and outreach efforts.

In the future as funding allows, MCPF would like to support the MPD's "Honor Guard Unit," community policing related training initiatives and the Wisconsin Professional Police Association Youth Scholarship program.

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